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The MIT Arab Student Organization was founded in 1958 as a way to connect Arabs on campus with the Arab world. We hope to continue this tradition by forming and sustaining connections through our mentorship programs, networking conferences, and our cultural benefit functions. Here's the team that's making this all happen this year.  


Executive Committee 2018-2019

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Dana Dabbousi - Syria & Saudi Arabia


MIT Undergraduate Program
Chemical-Biological Engineering - Class of 2019

Dhahran High School - Class of 2015

Activities & Affiliations

Dana is an undergraduate researcher at the Sikes Lab, developing  revolutionary cancer diagnostic technologies that aim to change the way patients are diagnosed and treated in the future. She has also worked on diagnostics by developing “lab-on-a-chip” technologies during her summer internship at Fluid-Screen with an aim to decrease the infection/contamination diagnosis time from several days to under 30 minutes. Dana is currently the President of the Arab Students’ Organization, an active participant in the Gordon-Engineering Leadership program and a member of the Women’s Volleyball Club on campus. In her free time she enjoys playing the piano, reading and writing poetry and exploring new cities.



Vice President

Ghadah Alshalan - Saudi Arabia


MIT Undergraduate Program
Physics - Class of 2021

Tarbiyah Private Schools - Class of 2017

Activities & Affiliations

Ghadah is an undergraduate researcher from Saudi Arabia working at the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) in the Photonics and Modern Electro-Magnetics Group. She is investigating unsupervised learning techniques that can extract interpretable physical parameters from dynamical systems. These techniques will provide scientists with insightful analysis on complex systems that were not well understood before. Currently, she is the Vice President of the Arab Students’ Organization, a member of the Muslim Students’ Association executive committee and a member of the Art Club on campus. Ghadah also enjoys painting and listening to music in her free time.


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programming director & Scitech program coordinator

Abdulazeez Mohammed Salim - Iraq 


MIT Undergraduate Program
Aerospace Engineering - Class of 2021

Activities & Affiliations

Abdulazeez is an undergraduate from Baghdad, Iraq, with a passion for systems design and autonomous robotics. He's worked at the MIT Space Systems Lab, developing and testing power systems for novel satellite platforms using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems technology to deliver large-scale space capabilities while driving down mass and cost, as well as greatly reduce and standardize development timelines. He's also a photographer and freelance filmmaker.



Scitech lead organizer

Rami Rustom - Syria


MIT Undergraduate Program
EECS - Class of 2020

Kings Academy - Class of 2016

Activities & Affiliations

Rami is an undergraduate from Aleppo, Syria, who is interested in the intersection of Architecture and Computer Science. He is a researcher at the MIT Self-Assembly Lab, where he has helped develop and design 4D-printing technologies and other fabrication processes. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fikra 3al Mashi (, a non-profit in Jordan and Lebanon dedicated to the education of urban Syrian refugees. He also likes to sail, read, travel, and build stuff. 



Graduate Outreach chair 

Nour Ghadanfar - Syria


MIT Graduate Program
City Planning - 2nd year Masters

Activities & Affiliations

Nour is a first-year Master in City Planning graduate student. She is currently a research assistant studying transit subsidies for low-income families. However, she is predominantly interested in post-conflict planning and plans to return to Syria to use her knowledge to aid in reconstruction efforts. Nour is the recipient of the 2018 Lowell L. Richards, III Fellowship for Leadership and Public Service and will be completing her fellowship at the Massachusetts Port Authority this summer. Prior to coming to MIT, Nour worked for three years at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Middle East as a risk assurance consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Joint Honours degree in Sociology and International Development from McGill University.


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Yousef Mardini - Lebanon & USA 


MIT Undergrad
Computer Science- Class of 2021



Social Committee Member

Hamed Mounla - Lebanon


MIT Undergraduate Program
Mathematics and Economics - Class of 2020

College International - Class of 2015




Yazan Baa’ra - Jordan


MIT Undergrad
Mechanical Engineer - Class of 2020

Amman Academy - Class of 2016

Activities & Affiliations

  • Arab Students Organization, Treasurer

  • Palestine @ MIT, Treasurer

  • UA Committee on Community and Campus Planning Committee 



Community And pUblic Service chair 

Sally Y Beiruti - Jordan


MIT Undergraduate Program
Mechanical Engineering - Class of 2019

Modern American School (MAS) - Class of 2015

Activities & Affiliations

Sally is an undergraduate from Amman, Jordan, studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in medical devices. She is working on building relationships with local refugee and immigrant centers to facilitate more community involvement among MIT students. She loves reading, drawing, painting, and learning martial arts (right now, that's kickboxing!). Outside the ASO, Sally is involved in the Assistive Technology Club and the Global Poverty Initiative.


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Community And pUblic Service Member 

Sarah Abodalo - Syria & USA


MIT Undergraduate Program
Brain and Cognitive Sciences - Class of 2021

Activities & Affiliations

  • Arab Students Organization, Community Service Committee

  • Muslim Students’ Association, Professional Committee 

  • GlobeMed @ MIT, Advocacy Team