Arab Student Organization

General Information


Applications are closed! If you are interested, please check back next October!

For the past several years, the MIT Arab Student Organization (MIT ASO) has been running a program called the College Admission Arab Mentorship Program (CAAMP). Every year during January, a team of students is selected to  travel to the Middle East to present in several countries to high school and college students. After the trip, the presenters provide ongoing mentorship for Arab students to help them with their applications for undergraduate and graduate studies next year.

 Presenters share their personal experiences with prospective applicant and talk to students about the following issues:
• Higher education opportunities in the US
• The application process (especially at MIT)
• Affordability of American colleges through financial aid
• Student life in the US 

As Arab members of the MIT community, many of us have had the chance to learn about MIT and life in the U.S through the experience of an alumnus or current student, whether through CAAMP or not. We therefore believe that, in the spirit of advocating for diversity on our college campus, and promoting education as a means to improve human condition, CAAMP is one of the best ways we could give back to the community, both at home and at MIT.